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The Octorial English course in London

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Central School of English was founded in 1968, and has been equipping students with a deep understanding of the English language for over 50 years. Located in the heart of London, our school is on the doorstep of the many cultural and artistic high-points of the city, of which students can take advantage through our bi-weekly organised activities, and during their free weekends.

Courses at Central School of English are intensive and academically rigorous, and equip students with the skills necessary for success in their academic and professional lives.

Central School of English offers a variety of course options, including full-time and part-time group English classes, individual tuition and exam preparation courses for English proficiency exams, including IELTS and Cambridge exams.

The Octorial programme 

A carefully structured, 30 hour per-week programme which combines core skills lessons, communication skills workshops, team-work and mentored independent learning sessions.

The Enhanced Programme 

A 30 hour programme, including 25 hours of the Octorial programme and 5 hours of individual tuition per week. Tutors tailor a programme to fit the exact requirements of the student, including exam preparation and areas of professional specialisation such as law, medicine and engineering.

The Essential programme

For students looking for part-time classes, the Essential Programme includes 20 hours of tuition per week. Students are also able to remain in school and make use of the facilities outside of class time.

IELTS Preparation programme 

An intensive, 30 hour per week course designed by expert tutors,  focused on helping students to achieve their required score in the exam. Regular practice tests and drills ensure students are confident with the exam format and working under timed conditions.

Cambridge Exam Preparation programme

A full-time, 30 hour per week programme including the B2 First (FCE) and C1 Advanced (CAE) exams, which equips students with the skills and strategies to achieve to the maximum of their potential in the exam, including mock exams under timed conditions.

One-to-One Lessons

A programme which is designed exactly to the unique requirements and learning styles of each student, the tutor will tailor an individual course match the exact needs of the student.


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