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Teaching for Central School of English

The student who chooses the Octorial programme is seeking to master the English language as a step in their professional or academic life strategy.  Our students wish to achieve a high level in English to allow them to succeed in their professional life or in their future career.  Our teachers are their coaches and the role of the coach is to enable the student to achieve and exceed their ambitions.  In addition to language skills, the student requires important life skills in order to be successful.  These are the skills of confidence, empathy, connectivity, critical thinking, collaboration, creativity and engagement.  The combination of these skills and the fundamental improvement of accuracy in the language is what enables the student to graduate with enhanced professional or academic opportunities.
If you interested in teaching English for us,  please contact us.  To teach our core skills lessons you need to have a qualification in English language training and ideally some professional experience.

Our students are motivated and ambitious and they need to be challenged by teachers who will drive them to exceed their expectations.

In addition we recruit teachers with specialist expertise and experience in fields such as law, medicine, economics, marketing, etc. to coach our professional students.