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The Octorial Programme Sessions

The Octorial Programme is an intensive course which includes 27.5 hours of lessons per week.  Every day delivers constant improvement:  an accumulation of gains leads to a deep understanding of the language.

The wide range of authentic materials and content allows each session of the day to serve the needs of every learner including those studying for specific academic or professional purposes.

The core skills lessons are designed to deliver the critical skills needed for mastery of the language.  In the core skills lessons, teachers guide the learner through the structures of the language.  Homework assignments are set every day.  The workshop sessions build the learner’s confidence and fluency.  In the workshop sessions, teachers act as mentors and coach students through collaborative tasks or personal project work.

Students and teachers share the school lounge at break times which allows for informal conversation and re-inforcement of the language.

Click on each lesson below to read more about the specific skills delivered by each lesson.


Morning Plenary

Beginning the day by warming up language skills with discussion and conversation in English

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Spoken Performance Workshop

Exercises in spoken word: debating, discussion, persuasion and strengthening pronunciation and tone

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Grammar, Logic and Rhetoric

Grammar learning through thorough instruction and a comprehensive range of exercises

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Comprehension, Vocabulary and Précis

Reading and surmising a rich variety of texts and audio-visual sources

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Team Project

Collaborating to construct a creative solution to a problem or task, using technical language and reasoning

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Composition and Text Analysis

Writing in a variety of styles and registers and composing ambitious pieces of writing

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Mentored Dissertation

Creating a self-assigned written piece on a specialist interest or for a specific purpose

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Closing Plenary

Reflecting on the day's learnings and cementing newly acquired knowledge

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