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The Octorial Course

30 hours per week

The Octorial Programme is an intensive full-time programme of study crafted to build English language skills for professional, academic and personal development. Each day includes a combination of language skills lessons, communication workshops and mentored independent study. Students graduate with a broad skill set and the ability to use English confidently and dynamically in a variety of situations. The course develops a depth of language skill and a breadth of cultural awareness which gives you a cosmopolitan perspective and a natural falir for connectivity.

Class sizes are very small, and the constant proximity to tutors provides students with high levels of individual attention and facilitates rapid progression. The small class size creates a collaborative training environment where tutors can focus on each student’s own intelligences and provide extra coaching where needed.

Skills you achieve

The course increases your effectiveness in English by developing core language skills through authentic materials and situations. Students graduate with confidence, fluency and autonomy in English speaking environments. You develop techniques to create clear arguments in both written and spoken English and to communicate your message with impact and flair.

Course content

15 hours of language skills lessons
15 hours of communication skills workshops

Course information

Courses start every Monday throughout the year (arrival on Sunday).
The course includes our Cultural Programme which includes at least two activities each week.

Sessions and outcomes

Language skills lessons

The language skills lessons develop language competency. These sessions provide you with a strong foundation in English and the core skills you need to progress to the next level. The small class sizes of no more than 8 students allow constant interaction with tutors.

Communication skills workshops

The workshops build confidence and fluency. You have the chance to practice public speaking and participate as an active member of an audience. The daily spoken performance workshop develops both verbal and non-verbal communication skills allowing students to become engaging and effective speakers.

Mentored Dissertation

Over the duration of your course you work on a mentored dissertation, which is an extended piece of work often involving independent research. The project is tailored to your levels, learning objectives and the length of your course. Tutors monitor and support your progress and set goals with individual students each week.

15 mins: Morning Plenary

60 mins: Spoken Performance Workshop


60 mins: Grammar, Logic and Rhetoric


60 mins: Comprehension, Vocabulary and Précis

60 mins: Team Project


60 mins: Composition and Text Analysis


60 mins: Skills workshop

15 mins: Plenary session