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Cultural programme

Our cultural activity programme maximises your opportunities for linguistic and cultural development. You explore the city with us and shape your cultural identity and your sense of belonging.

London offers a wealth of cultural riches and experiences. It’s an open-minded city, forward thinking and rich in creativity. With the guidance of teachers you learn the history and context of London’s open spaces and enjoy the benefits of the many events and activities on offer, all of which contribute to your cultural awareness and global outlook. The cultural programme includes guided history walks and visits to museums and galleries. The activities are educational, interesting and entertaining. Our teachers explain the significance of places and the stories behind them. It’s a great opportunity to get to know London, its culture, sights and secret places.

The activities take place twice a week after school between approximately 4.15 pm and 6.15 pm and provide opportunities to practise English and improve your listening skills. The programme also helps you to meet and interact with other students which makes the entire learning experience enjoyable and productive.

Weekend Activities

Every weekend the school can also book tickets for excursions to many popular towns and cities in the UK. Popular trips include Stonehenge and Bath, Isle of Wight, Oxford, Cambridge and Brighton.

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