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The Cultural Riches of London

posted on Thursday 14th March

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Experiencing the culture of a country is intrinsic to learning the language. As students explore London and the UK, they discover new language which is deeply rooted in the history and culture of the location. Our comprehensive cultural programme is carefully designed to enable students to maximise their opportunities for linguistic and cultural development, and enhance the social cohesion of the school. The course includes two activities per week and the activity programme is posted weekly on the notice-board.

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London is home to a wealth of culture, and carefully selected activities will highlight this for Central School of English students. In school we hold talks and workshops on specialist topics, including history, art, literature and economics, allowing students to further their listening and speaking skills, and develop opinions in English on a broad range of topics. As part of the activity programme we also take the students on guided historical, architectural and literary walks, allowing them a deeper understanding of the city that they are living in. The history of London spans over 2000 years, turning the streets into a living museum of architecture and culture. You can follow in the footsteps of anyone from William Shakespeare to Queen Victoria walking their streets, drinking in their pubs (really – London’s oldest pubs long predate Shakespeare – visit the George Inn for one of his favourite haunts) and relaxing in their parks. When walking around London look for the iconic blue circular plaques that some buildings have – they tell you if any historical figures once lived in or used the building.

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Our programme also include visits to some of the world’s best museums, the British Museum, home to millenna of global culture, is a popular trip amongst students and located just a short walk from the school. The National Gallery which hosts works by some of the world’s most famous artists from Da Vinci to Van Gogh is also a much-loved visit and definitely a ‘must do’ during your time. Other excellent museums include The Victoria and Albert Museum, The Imperial War Museum and The Science Museum, and should not be missed.

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Our courses leave weekends free for students to explore the city independently, creating their own London experience. Whatever their interests London has something to suit. From picnics and socialising in London’s beautiful parks, to attending literary and art events at bookshops, museums, and galleries, to watching award-winning West End shows, finding oneself at a ‘loose-end’ in London is simply impossible. From pop art to punk, London has given the world many of its cultural movements, and there’s nowhere in the world that can compare in feeling to being in the heart of it all.

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