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Online Lessons – Frequently Asked Questions

How long is a lesson?
One lesson is 60 minutes.

Will there be other learners in the class?
There is a maximum of four participants in each class.

How is the timetable each day?
The day is divided into 2 x 1 and 1/2 hour sessions with a 30 minute break inbetween each. Lessons start at 09:00 (with a break at 10.30) and finish at 12:30.

Is there a pre-course test?
Yes, there is a pre-course meeting via zoom with a Senior Tutor. In this meeting, the tutor will discuss your objectives and assess your level of English.

Are the other participants in my session of the same language level as me?
Yes, each seminar group is composed of students of the same level of English ability.

How does the tutor set homework assignments?
Homework assignments are set in the lesson, and submitted by email.

Can I change the times of the lessons to suit me?
No, this course is timetabled to take place at a pre-scheduled date. If you would like personalised lessons at a time to suit you please go to our bespoke course.