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Preparing for Success in the TOEIC Exam

posted on Friday 19th April

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The TOEIC qualification is recognised worldwide, by over 14,000 institutions in 150 countries, and provides employers, organisations and educational institutions with confirmation that you have the necessary English skills to communicate effectively with fellow students, co-workers or clients. The TOEIC is especially popular amongst professionals, and is specifically designed for those working in an international environment.

Central School of English provides TOEIC Exam Preparation, which enables students to gain the necessary skills and strategies to achieve success in either the Listening and Reading exam or the Speaking and Writing exam.

By the end of a TOEIC examination preparation course, students will be able to

  • Communicate effectively and coherently in face-to-face meetings or video-conferences
  • Understand and produce various forms of business correspondence, including emails, reports and newsletters
  • Confidently use a wider range of phrases, vocabulary and grammatical structures
  • Infer meaning and context from a variety of texts and audio extracts

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Skills Gained

Listening Reading Speaking Writing
Morning Plenary Training in question-response and dialogues: gaining confidence and becoming comfortable in English
Spoken Performance Workshop Identifying key words, similar words and the main idea of a statement Presenting and defending an opinion, persuasion and clear pronunciation and intonation
Grammar, Logic and Rhetoric Identifying points of view, identifying grammatical structures and tenses in texts, identifying topic sentences Techniques for verbal expression, using structures naturally and accurately in speech
Comprehension, Vocabulary and Precis Understanding specific vocabulary and idioms Using appropriate vocabulary, mastering comprehension questions Practising English in different contexts, summarising an idea
Team Project Working in a team: collaboration and communication
Composition and Text Analysis Understanding different content, mastering sentence completion questions Creative and essay writing, analysing an essay question
Mentored Dissertation Practice for tests: exercises, mock exams under timed conditions, tips and revision strategies for optimal preparation
Closing Plenary Consolidating knowledge and identifying areas for revision

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The TOEIC exam structure

The TOEIC is broken down into two exams, the Listening and Reading Test and the Speaking and Writing Test.

Listening and Reading Test

Shows students have the ability to understand a wide variety of spoken and written tasks

Exam length – around 2 hours

The Listening section contains 4 parts: Photographs, Question-Response, Conversations and Talks

The Reading section contains 4 parts: Incomplete Sentences, Text Completion, Single Passages and Multiple Passages

Speaking and Writing Test

Shows students can express themselves orally and in writing with confidence and coherence

Exam length – around 80 minutes

The Speaking section contains 11 questions

The Writing section contains eight questions

Both exams are recognised by many small businesses, multinational corporations, government agencies and higher education institutions – especially engineering and business schools.

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There is no pass or fail score with the TOEIC exam – each institution sets their own required score

TOEIC test scores are valid for 2 years

The Listening and Reading test is scored out of 990 (945 – 990 equivalent to C1 level)

The Speaking and Writing tests are scored out of 200 each (180 equivalent to C1 level)



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