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Student name: Aghiles
Home country: Algeria/France
Profession: Engineering student
Course: IELTS Exam Preparation
Course dates: Summer 2017 – 5 weeks


I study engineering in Paris at a school called ECE Paris. I am looking at ‘embedded systems,’ which are a mix between electronic and IT in the field of aeronautics. Eventually I would like to work for a company like Boeing or Airbus. Airbus is an international company with factories all over Europe, and English is the main language. I came once before to Central School of English, three years ago. I thought the school was very good and I got on well with the teachers, so I decided to come back. It is good to see the teachers again

Last time I came in July, and it was very busy. This time I arrived in June, and it has been a bit quieter. I think this is better, as we are very close with the teachers. In our breaks we are always talking with them.

This time my sister is also at the school with me. She is here for three weeks, and this is her first week. The first time I came with my brother, so now the teachers know all my siblings. I am the oldest of the three of us. When I first arrived I was staying on my own with a host family, but when my sister arrived we changed to a new place so we could stay together. When we are out I have to look after her a bit as it is her first trip to London. In school we are in separate classes because we are different levels. This is a good thing. It can be tempting not to speak English when we are together, but we are trying to use English all of the time.

The course is quite similar to when I came before, but we do more team project work and personal project work. I enjoy this kind of work, as it pushes us to speak more, and we have to give presentations to the group which is good practice for the future.

An example of something we have done in Team Project is in my first week, we did interviews with people on the street outside the school. We prepared the questions and then we went out and filmed the questions and answers. Sometime the answers were quite funny. We decided not to make the questions too serious, like “who is your favourite super-hero?” and “can you tell us about the last dream you remember?” Sometimes it was challenging understanding the different accents you hear here on the street in London. I think the English accent is the easiest to understand because that is what we are learning with the teachers.

For me all the classes are important. When you speak you need good grammar. I expect in the future I will have international co-workers who I will need to speak English with. Writing is also important as I will need to write formal emails and reports.

I used to study English for three hours a week when I was at high school, but now I only study one hour per week. I asked to be in a high level class, but we don’t practise enough. I should do more out of the lessons, like watch films in English, but watching films is something I do to relax, and sometimes it is hard to understand everything in English.

The first time I came to London it was just to get the basics really, to develop the English I had. While I am here this time I am doing IELTS preparation. There are seven of us doing an IELTS class in the afternoon. This is my first time taking IELTS. For my engineering school, to get my diploma, I need a good score in IELTS, a 6.5 at least. So I am very focused. If I don’t achieve this I won’t get my diploma, even if I am the best in my class for everything else. English is very important for my future career, especially for international experience.

I really enjoy meeting students from around the world at Central School of English, they are very nice and open minded. We can talk about a lot of different subjects. We also spend time together outside class. This weekend we are going to Brighton.

Last time I came I travelled quite a bit. I went to Brighton, Liverpool and Edinburgh. I wanted to see the home of the Beatles in Liverpool. Edinburgh was far but very beautiful.