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Summer in London

posted on Monday 18th February

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Summer in London

As one of the most lively and cosmopolitan cities in the world London is always a special place to be, however it’s at its best in the summer when the outdoors can be enjoyed and there’s a plethora of events, festivals and activities to join in with. Benefitting from pleasant temperatures and daylight until well past 21.00, Londoners make the most of their summer and enjoy it to its full potential.

Here are some of our London summer highlights:

Music Festivals

There are more music events in London in the summer than any one person could possibly attend, suiting all different tastes and styles. However some of the best include the British Summer Time Festival – a series of one day concerts by some of the world’s biggest artists, Wireless – for the dance and hip-hop lovers, and The Proms, a series of classical music concerts, ending with a massive open air concert in Hyde Park


A simple joy, but London is home to several parks, such as Hyde Park and Regent’s Park, which come alive during the summer. Big enough to make the busy city feel a million miles away, these parks are some of Londoners’ favourite places to come and relax and appreciate the sun and the nature – whether you want some quality ‘you’ time or somewhere to socialise with friends, pack a picnic lunch and you can easily pass a whole day in these parks

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London is home to several sporting events and hosts things such as athletics and football throughout the summer, this year London is also hosting the Cricket World Cup, which is a great opportunity to familiarise yourself with one of Britain’s favourite sports. The most iconic summer sport in London though is the Wimbledon tennis tournament, where you can see the greats play whilst enjoying your classic British strawberries and cream in the sun.

Outdoor Life

London in the summer is definitely an outdoor place. With the flowers in bloom and the sun shining, just walking around London’s neighbourhoods – especially the old buildings and by the river – is a great way to spend a day with everything looking at its best. As soon as it’s warm enough, tables outside cafes, pubs and restaurants appear and Londoners take to the streets to enjoy their dinners and socialising outside

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Urban Beaches

Whilst London isn’t by the sea, that doesn’t stop beaches appearing! Throughout the summer ‘urban beaches’ pop-up complete with sand, deckchairs, and a tropical vibe so Londoner’s can pretend to be on an exotic holiday for a few hours.

Open Air Cinema

A trend during recent summers in London has been open air film-screenings. These events pop up all over the city from rooftops to parks, and allow you to spend the warm summer nights outside with a classic movie.

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