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Student name: Veronica
Home country: Italy
Profession: Artist
Course: Octorial programme
Course dates: Spring 2017



My name is Veronica and I am from a small village in Italy. I found out about the programme from a friend of mine and she recommended that I do it. She was also at Central School of English. I am staying for two weeks. This is not my first time in England, but before I have only come for short visits. This is more serious. After the course I want to go back to Italy for a bit, but then I would like to return to England. Maybe even to find a job here.

I used to work in a small museum and a library. It was an art museum – mainly local art. There was painting, sculpture, and photography. Unfortunately recent earthquakes destroyed these places so I do not have a job any more. Now in Italy, especially the village I am from, there are not a lot of opportunities. So the reason I am here is also to find a new life, a new way to start again. I am still interested in working in a museum or gallery, or somewhere like that. I studied at art school and I used to paint, I do abstract painting, so art is very important for me. It is a passion. There are many places I have really enjoyed visiting in London, but I think the Victoria and Albert Museum might be my favourite so far. It is beautiful.

I have also been going on all the outings for the cultural programme. The last trip we did was two days ago. We went to Waterloo. We went with the Principal David who knew a lot about the area. The name comes from the Battle of Waterloo with Napoleon. It was very interesting with some very pretty, typical English streets. The houses used to be for lower paid people. Now it is a high class place, so it has changed a lot. I think you have to be very wealthy to live there now.

I want to learn English for work, but the main thing is just to improve overall. I already had some English before coming, but I want to get closer to fluency.

Speaking classes are my favourite because I enjoy speaking in English. Vocabulary classes are also good as it feels good that my vocabulary is getting richer. Multiple choice and true or false exercises are quite difficult for me. I prefer learning through oral methods.

I did study English in Italy, but I have improved far more quickly being here in England. I get on very well with my host family. They are easy going, so they encourage me to talk English with them, but if I am tired there is no pressure. I find studying new subjects while I am learning English interesting and helpful to push me with my English. I like feeling that I can talk generally about a lot of subjects.